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I’ve been sick, I am still sick,¬†literally, not sick of school or something. *sniff* I have so much to update I don’t know where to begin with. I went to see my friends dance competition twice, took many pictures, I’ll upload them on the next update, which is, probably, tomorrow. I hope. School’s killing me, test, test, test, test, no rest! It’s been raining hard too, the temperature been chill, nice. Okay, enough of it, new art!

Flying Doggy! Hehehe, I find this sketch pretty funny, I don’t know, I just like the face of the dog =D haha~

Pen sketch, A5

AHA! More Doodle :DD random thing it is!

Pen sketch, colored on Photoshop Cs4, A5

Plane – Pen sketch on paper, colored on Photoshop Cs4

I’m going to share a photography techniques I found on the next post, so please do look forward to it.

Here’s my favorite quote for now!