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G-Dragon – Sing With Me
Reference is used.
G-Dragon from Big Bang.
Photoshop Cs4
Yo! What’s up boys and girls :)
My school’s almost over, I just got a couple of week left for exams and shits, and then HOLIDAY!! Woohoo..! Can’t wait for 1 month holiday! Haha.. I hope I’m doing fine on the final exam though.
Kay, let’s goto the point. I made a step-by-step about the process of drawing ‘Sing With Me’, special, just for you 😉
Just click for a better view.
I hope this helps some of you to got the idea how I do digital drawing.
I usually don’t use the grids at the first time, it’s kinda annoying and slowing down the progress; but I try to do one with it. It’s still not precise as the reference though, lol.
I sometimes think, it’s pretty dull drawing something like this cause if you get the exactness of your drawing and the reference, it’s just like, not making any difference. Now, I’m not saying that I do draw exact as the reference. I personally like pencil drawings better. Cause no matter if your drawing’s exact, you still can see the ‘skill’ of the artist, the pencil sketch, shades, blurs and things. I think it needs more effort for do it. *Shrug*, I don’t know. That’s what I think.
Though, there are digital drawings I really really really like for portraits; that, people who do speed paintings, they still have that ‘sketchiness’ of their drawings, even it’s on computer, if you know what I mean. But hey, I love them all. I do. :)
What do you think? Do you like digital or pencil portrait more? Why?