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I’m not talking about Valentine Day at all, this year February is for portfolio month, all portfolios will be due at the end of February until beginning of March. I just saw my friend’s portfolio yesterday and it was really good, made me fire up to put more effort into mine, which is good. My brother back home, he’s also having his tryouts for the national exam on February, I’ve been there, it was chaotic and stressful. Best of luck for him!

Anyway, it’s been a while. I just got my assignments back from the first term, here are they.

The Crazy Moose. This one was meant for christmas card project. Done in gouache. I love how it scanned without any problem cause it has matte finish.


Haha.. this one was for geschtalt project, it was fun, we have to make a piece with animal/pattern/human in one, not really sure at first, I translated it into mindfuck, so I was like, mm, I can do this! Had fun with all the details and vivid color, I spent almost 10 hours on this one. Done in gouache once again.

Something from my sketchbook, another robot stuff, I don’t know why I’m so into robots lately. It’ll be so badass if I can draw robots like transformers though.

Talking bout robots, I was just realize that I have Threadless account. Almost abandoned it… but no worries, I just update it last week, and the tee’s still on its voting day!

Robo Love - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Here is it, make sure you visit and vote!