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Hello hello!
It’s new year! We’ll start everything from the beginning. This is my first new year on blog, yay! :3
Having fun on your new year day guys? I hope you do!
My holiday is almost over, 4 more days to go *sob*.

Okay, enough chit chat, I told you lat year I’ll give a little sneak peak about my work space, where I do all my traditional drawings. And, this is it! I hope you enjoy it ♥

I do my digital arts in other room.

I’m totally having fun with my new camera these days. I got photos from the new year. I’ll edit and upload them later 😉 and yes, I make a new sketches. I also receive many Christmas and new year cards from my friends, made me flattered, thank you! ♥

Oh, last, I think I have insomnia, oo.. I always having it on holidays, it’s just my sleep time just turn upside down. No ‘good morning’ nor ‘breakfast’ anymore ;3