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Tablo from Epik High, now now, I know this’s nothing looks like him but believe me, it’s him TAT
Hours: lost count, -.- oops..
Program: Sai
A random ulzzang, don’t know her name, but with reference.
Hours:1 hour
Program: Sai, edited with Photoshop Cs4
These two are speed paintings I made in this couple of days, the 1st one, I made it in LiveStream yay! But I didn’t record it. And the 2nd one, I did record it, not in LiveStream, but now I’m figuring out how to speed it up and edit it, so I can upload it.
As you can see, I tried and did a little experiment with the colors and paint, trying a different style that I like the most.. mmm.. the 2nd picture looks more watercolor-ish, I’m pretty happy with the result.


On the other part of my life, school’s really fun these days, cause we don’t have any subject anymore, we’re holding a small sport competition against the other classes, sport week or something.

Go go go holiday! I’m so tired.