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After a super long holiday, I’m not gonna lie, it is tiring to start on your daily routines again. This is the second week of my college and I thank for the Friday day off. Long weekend yay! And also for the blog day, yep, from now on it’s gonna be more weekly update blog. I enjoy every of my classes so far, everyone in the class seems enjoy it.. for now at least.

These past two days I drew intensely, I drew for 20 hours, literally; assignments, doodles, sketches and all those stuff.

I use a photo reference on this one, she’s a friend of mine and the photo was for our class year book.

Rhino! If you notice, I post this on the previous post but in a batch. I work on it more on this one, on the texture and lines. The lack of details is caused of the scanners.. I never like scanner, but taking picture is more harder.. damn.


And yeaaa.. life drawing. This is what I told you guys, the extra life drawing class, this is the first week we had. We should use a naked model, but somehow they didn’t showed up, so everybody in the class just volunteered to take turn to be the model. Awesome class.

I’ll be posting these life drawings every week from now, also to see my progress cause I’m not good at it, yet =_=; well yea.

My sis will have a reuni for her previous class on Sunday, and she’ll ask me too to go to a buffet here with her! Woot! I’ll see ya guys on the next post. Have a nice weekend guys!