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Back again, done with the interview, it was pretty chill. We had group interview, everybody was good at what they’re doing. We’ll have to submit a bit of character design at the end of this week, and let’s see if I get the job or not. Aside from that I’m doing a 90 sketches commission for this guy I found on freelance site. I”ve done 15 already for last week, and now doing the next 15. Plus another portrait commission from a friend back home. I will have to send the original to her so the time is pretty tight.

I was pretty much trying to catch up all the stuff I have to do bit by bit, I’m going to try to do as much as I can by the end of this week since I’m going to TCAF on the 5th! Yaaayyy! First time of the break having a chance to meet up with my friends, finally. Can’t wait!!

This evening I got a package from my sticker trades too, it was the last package, I did three trades and finally all of them are here now. Here are they.

This pack’s from the oppressive Thumb, got two blanks too. Thank you! I was actually asking for friends to send me USPS labels, but they said it got sent back cause they don’t let you send it to other country. I never know there are rules for that. I’m not sure, but I’ll see if I can get it again later.

And oh, he slapped mine already, the KONY one if you guys remember, I posted my stickers last time.

Next one is from sokmobb, check his stuff out! Thank you!

And this is the last one that I just got today, from Fr3sh_KrIspY. I totally love the zombie series hahha, plus he gave me the little Che Zombie pin. Thanks man!

Hhahaha, isn’t that cute!

So TCAF day where I go to Toronto, gonna go to slap most of these! :)

I’ll get back to make more stickers as soon as I finish all my craps. Mm, so these are some last projects from school that I just got back.

I made this project as my experiment with watercolor. I tried to use pastel and salt, new technique! Hah!

This one explain my daily activities pretty much. And last a little doodle from sketchbook.

It’s nothing sexual, really.