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Hello hello, I hope everyone’s doing good. Stepping a day of October and the fall is here, weather getting colder, school’s busier, everything’s getting more interesting everyday. But I’m here,  updating my blog with Linkin Park in the background rather than crawl to my warm bed joining my sister into a good night sleep. Earlier this day we went to the central library here, attending a book festival, which we didn’t know that there is a book fest today, what a lucky day. Everything went into sale, we got eight episodes of National Geography magazine for $2, photo stock book and a photo book for crazy low prices. I was also planning to look for a guitar, but everything were priced a fortune, next week I’ll hunt for more.

Now, I’m going to tell a strange story that I just experienced this week. And I choose this picture to support my story, mfff!!

Ballpoint and Prisma Marker on sketchbook

I was walking to my way home, I took my passage behind my house, from there I can see my room from the window which is in the second floor. It was dark, around 9.30 pm. I saw my room, the light was on, and I saw my sister standing looking down trough the window, but it was only the silhouette cause she stand overshadowing the light, I smiled and wave to her and she went away without waving back, I thought she went down to open the door for me, so I skipped to the door. When I open the door, I saw my sister, she was about on her way to go upstairs… yep, she wasn’t even in her room before. I asked her, she was downstairs, I thought she was lying and trolling me. After a couple of time I asked her, she become scared…. sigh. I’m not sure who I was seeing, but I’m a hundred percent sure it was my sister…silhouette. I don’t know..

Have you ever experienced something like that before??

Anyway, here’s some sketches from my sketchbook this week.


Details on cat and dog

Studying muscles and shading

I bought another sketchbooks since I almost finish my current one. I fished it in a month, more or less. I’m going to use the black small one in the picture for a sketch journal, can’t wait!

And… this is this week life drawing. Click for a bigger image!

I’m going to the library again tomorrow, look for an anatomy book and draw more.

I’m also going to open my commission soon, and it’s only for the traditional and sketches since I don’t have that much time working on the computer anymore, except for big commissions or else.


I’ll se you on the next post then. Take care folks!