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Back as I told you! Summer break’s finally over, working a cool work on Cozmix and the trip to Montreal are totally made my summer, am I one of a lucky bastard or what, oh well, work hard play harder right? Although you can’t really say it’s a game. School’s starting in two days, thinking about it already makes me nervous and excited. New classes, people, teachers, experience, it’s gonna be awesome I’m sure.

Now mentioning about the work I did over the summer, last Friday was the last day I worked there, incase you didn’t read my post on the first time I got the job, I thought summer was going so slow but now I realize time’s faster than you think. I really didn’t thought leaving the job was gonna be sadder than I thought, it hit me a bit here *points at chest*…. just a tinnyyy bitttt… nnngh, okay that’s enough.. Everyone was so nice there, even sometimes I felt like I’m lost a bit here and there but everyone was still cool with me.. sigh. The job itself’s not over though, my boss decided to hire me to become a part-timer there, yep, character designer part-time while doing animation, I’d might be dead by the end of semester. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and all, work hardddd!!

Montreal, Montreal, the photos that I finally got the chance to edit, here you go! Too bad I didn’t take any from La Ronde, was having too much fun haha..


Whooo! The next blogpost would probably posted under Sheridan Blog 😉 til then, ciao!