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So, it’s the third week of summer break already, I didn’t see a lot of people updating their art stuff on their blog, like me, they’re either busy with job or games or just don’t have the will to draw, well, or posting them. I personally find it’s difficult to have the will to do art stuff outside of school days, I blame my environment most of the time (place where I live), besides, I’m pretty occupied all the time with work already, so whenever I got home I’d just play or do stuff I want to do… non art most of the time haha.. see? Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Anyway, I’m back to the place I’ve been working at all year as an intern, but with a whole new experience and new stuff to learn. I’m currently working at a game studio by the way, Little Guy Games, ever since I work here, I’ve become more critical in judging games in general.

monster gap~



It’s so funny how, though it’s casual games that we’re working on, which I don’t really play usually in my own time cause I always find them too childish or whatsoever, but I realized that all games have pretty much the same fundamental/psychological base. Games=psychology? Isn’t that cool? I also realized that how smart are game designers/maker making their consumers pay a real money for bunch of stuff they sell in the game that aren’t even real.. it somehow sounds like an obvious trap but us as players don’t give a damn and still buy anyway. Ouch! A lot of other cool stuff I learnt too from working here, not only in art field, but how games company actually work, the system, rough steps that they take to make the game published, the business behind it, the team work, and lots more.

There aren’t a lot of art based tasks at work right now since we’re fixing problems for the whole game, so I’ve been playing the game for the past week and also like 3 other casual games that I found cool and have similarities..yeah, I’ve been playing those games at work, the whole day, and trying to take notes what’s good and bad for references… Kind of getting sick already but, meh, people would die for this opportunities lol, joke. But yeah, all I do all day is pretty much playing games… Wakes up, go work and play games, go home and play games again.. rinse and repeat! But hey, not everyone can play and be critical about all stuff in it at the same time, haha..

And earlier today my friend at work, Heather, she just found a game exhibition in Toronto that’s held at Ontario Science Center until September, so we’re planning to visit and spoil ourselves with games all day soon aaaarrgghh, can’t wait!!