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Back for fourth year, last year of the program ye yeeeh! A lot of new stuff happened during summer; met a BUNCH of new people, went to a lot of new places, did new stuff that I would have never think of doing, everything together helped me to get the motivation to push this last year of my school. The biggest project on this year is thesis film, a minute film, I will dedicate this film not only for myself, but for people that been supporting me doing what I’m doing and keep up with my childish ass all the way. Now, I’m saying all that as if I did my film already. I will try to post progresses of the making of it. Starting for next post, count on me on that.

I’ve been working with car affiliated group of people since this summer. In term of art and media, both photography and videos. I won’t post any videos here since the videos were made for Instagram, but you can check it out on my page right here. I will post some of the drawings I did, you car people might be able to appreciate this a little bit more, hopefully.


Loving this new batch media feature..