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So yahoo! I got the job, the one I mention on my last post I believe. It’s a game company/team called The Cozmix, can’t say much bout it now but I’m sure it’s going to be huge later on. I’m taking the role as one of the artist there, designing characters and other art stuff, I really really really enjoy it. And also, it’s a really cute game, with cute characters. Too bad the website now is in construction, I’ll link you guys again when we put it back up. Please look forward to it!


It’s funny how I met a bunch of people that graduated and having their 3rd years internship from Sheridan too. I’m still not that used to the people there but they’re really nice and so many talented artist. I’m happy I can still being around creative people and environment during this break.

Aside from that, and spending my life for manga and movie, nothing much had happened. I’m currently obsessed with Beck’s soundtracks, I watched the anime and read the manga (not finish) and just saw the real life drama last weekend, I know I’m slow. I love music movies or comics, if anyone know what’s good, please recommend me.

Here’s a little series I did. It’s a collage of a same drawing I did last year, the rhino sketch.

I can’t really remember how I came up with this idea, but I can asure you it’s from experience hhaa. Don’t be naive, don’t swallow what other shove you, don’t just believe what you see without knowing the story and the truth behind things, don’t judge too fast.

Have a good summer guys!