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Look who’s being good at updating her blog now. So, as I said on my last post I’d ost my summer life drawings properly, here we go.


Aaaanddd, this is what I usually do instead of doing proper life drawing..

Zero, my character!


Yah, not a lot of stuff since the session I’ve been is a regular session, not really focussing for animation, hence most of the poses are long poses.

Before I leave, I want to make a quick shout out to KLIFER, he’s a graffiti artist I know back home, Indonesia.

I was surprised when he sent me this picture, I thought, now THAT is a shout out, haha. As you guys know I’m a HUGE fan of street art, I don’t even know why am I in this program now, kidding. But yeah, most of  my works have always been inspired by street arts, too bad I haven’t got the time to get involved in it although I have some friends and connections. Maybe one day! Here, more of KLIFER‘s works