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It’s all about yesterday, I wanted to post this but my arms and fingers are all numbs which I got from golf.
It was my 2nd time to go to a driving range. My first was like when I was 6 or7 years old, I can’t barely remember haha. I went  with my dad, brother and my dad’s friend. They taught us to hold and play golf it properly, though I’m not really sure they do it right lol! But better than nothing xD My dad’s quiet good at golf, he plays it pretty much, it’s already a long time since he play golf.

Today I woke with backache and hand cramps. But I’ll go for more when my hands better later. Iiiitt’s addicting, seriously.

Here are shots I took yesterday, I can’t edit it cause I can’t use the Photoshop, my disk almost full, it says, can’t open this and that cause of low disk space GAH, frustating.

My dad..

and his friend..

and Dylan! My bro~

Hahha.. these photos makes me giggle every time I look at them.


New sneakers! SnK.
Geez, this is pure show off. NAH hahah, I meant to show this, these are the shoes I drew on previous post here.
: )


Oh, one other thing, Happy World Cup!

I’m cheering for Germany. Until now I’m amazed with South Korean playing a couple of days ago, but Germany, t-o-t-a-l-l-y BLOWS my mind off. Go! Go! Go!

(I’m a sinner, I’m to lazy to double check this post)