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Hello, hello. How are you guys. So, just took my IELTS test yesterday, it was GAH, I don’t know, I don’t even like, want to know my result anymore now, finally I did it though, sigh.. Then when I got home I went straight to school to had my score taken for mandarin lesson, and then I went to a new English course called Wall Street to have a placement test with my  friend. Gosh, yesterday was packed, like hell. I’m happy knowing I don’t have any test tomorrow so that I can spend my day today rest and slacking off at home,  feels so nice.

Now, this is about the last Wednesday, I went to my best friend birthday dinner, I couldn’t afford anything so I give her a box full of sweets and this..

Yay! New art, I guess.. I can put this one under the pop art? No?

Done with 2B, 6B yes crosshatching, 0.3 drawing pen, acrylic. I hope she like this :)

I should draw and practice some more, but things just gets in the way.. I’m really looking forward to holiday.

Almost Christmas!!!!!