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Finally another update! It’s so sad how the last update was around the beginning of this month, I’ve been slacking updating the blog since it’s winter break.. So now I decided to update with bunch of stuff. At once, yes.

As everyone else, or not, December is my favourite month of all, holiday, birthdays, christmas, new year, oh, plus boxing day from now; all the good things mashed in one month. Talking bout birthday, I just step to 20 years old last week.. should I feel old? This month also offer many foods hah, yea I’ve been eating out so many times since the holiday started, with sister, friends and people we know around us.. I’ve been eating out almost 10 times for sure. Gossshhh December!

Me and sis spent out christmas having dinner at our landlord house, they always held dinner and invite their friends just for gathering. Many of my friends went to States for christmas shopping at the time, so on the boxing day me and sis decided to take a look at the stores in the nearest mall, which is…not a good idea. Everyone went crazy, lines up everywhere we couldn’t just stand it and ended up going to walmart and buy groceries. Oh well, at least we know, it was our first time.

Yesterday I got to go to Toronto too with friends, he took me to the black market vintage stores and thrift stores, it was so much fun aside the messed up weather, it snowed pretty hard yesterday. But it paid off, I got three sweaters under 40 bucks and my friend taught me how to make harem pants, he made me one. I’m going to try to make one for myself later oho~ And we’re going to make a street fashion blog too, I’ll put it up as soon as we start the blog :)

Art, I’m still not forgetting it haha, I finally complete the Clown series, I don’t remember if I mention this before or not but yea, it’s finish. 10 out of 10, I was going to do 12 of them but meh!



Ten of them and you are AWESOME if you know at least 7 of them! Haaha! They’re gonna be up for prints on Etsy later, I’ll announce it if it’s ready. It’s also up on my Flickr too if you want to see a better preview.

Anyway, it’s new year eve, what you guys gonna do? Plans? I’m going to hunt photos tonight and see the fireworks with sis. Any plans will do, better than nothing.

Happy new year guys! You all survived 2011, next, 2012! Have fun!