by zadia tirto
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Dying Inside

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in art, Sheridan Blog, video |

Quick update, reading week just over, I did three all nighters during reading week just working on assignments.. reading week, how funny, more like dying week. It was fun though, still seeing friends almost everyday is probably one of the reason that keeps me alive at school. So, just submit my painting stuff earlier this day, skipping elective and had a...

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Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in art, Life, Sheridan Blog, video |

Back, back, back, this is my second post during the second term!! This is so bad, I usually manage to update my blog at least once a week, and now.. School, works and commissions have been over taking my life completely, I’m not even sure if I can say I have a social life.. outside Anyways, school’s great, I enjoy second...

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Week Alpha!

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in art, Sheridan Blog |

Finally school’s starting, it’s the second day yet I’m already worn out, so glad being able to see everyone and catching up with them. I had my first elective class today, I’m taking Character and Cultural Studies which I thought it’ll be something like literally studies about people and their cultures.. ended up it was a...

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Last Painting, Master Copy

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in art, Life, Sheridan Blog |

Heya, it’s been so long since the last update, I had so many blog posts waiting that I forgot already now sigh. So I’ll just post the latest assignment we were doing, painting, master copy. Before that, we have 2 weeks left before the break, this and next week is the last week. Means, CRUNCH TIME, no sleep in the dictionary pretty much, this...

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Texture Painting

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in art, Sheridan Blog |

Back with painting, this time we’re assigned to do four texture painting, and I did mine all based on food.. if you can guess them all that’ll be a relief since I tried my best on this one haha -__-; Nothing much going on lately, school has been normal with normal amount assignment, I know all due dates will be piled up real soon since we only...

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