by zadia tirto
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A Request and Tees Designs

Posted by on Aug 11, 2010 in art | 1 comment

Another request for my friend, Vincent We were on the same class, but he moved to his hometown. He’s a football player and he’s an awesome player. I hope he’s alright there and keep on playing football. Click for the bigger size. Yes~ Tees designs! 😀 from my past arts and the new ones. Now now, tell me what you think...

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Request pieces for the inspiring

Posted by on Jul 15, 2010 in art, Featuring, Others | 5 comments

Yup yup, another request from my friends. The first one is Evita Nuh, I’m sure this name’s familiar to you, she’s an 11 years old inspiring fashion blogger. At the first time I found her blog, I couldn’t believe it that she was 10 years old, last year yea. Her writing skill blows my mind. It’s obvious that if you see...

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I hate Psd

Posted by on Jun 20, 2010 in art | 3 comments

Yes, I hate them. Why? Cause in some condition, they broke, or corrupted. I was drawing a new piece, an anime, with painting style. I’ve work it like already 10 days, and somehow I can’t open Psd file. I’ve search stuff from the internet, many people has the same problem. GAH. Okay, let’s forget about it. I drew this for...

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Chibi batch requests

Posted by on Jul 11, 2009 in art | 8 comments

Please click the image to see it with the original size. So, This 2 days, I’ve been drawing these chibis xD These are requests from the people at dA. 1. Estrell – someone’s OC 2. MakaiAsh – his self with panda suit 3. Tifa Lockheart – Final Fantasy character 4. Kim Heechul – a singer (?) xD 5. Xel’lotath –...

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A Fanart

Posted by on Apr 18, 2009 in art | 2 comments

Yup”~ A Ghost in The Shell fanart <3 But this is just a sub commission for someone at dA, my sub’s expired : P Hate it, slow browsing, and feels weird o.o well, now I can get it back at least. I’m thinking to post some photographs later but I still haven’t got the time, maybe this week or so, let see...

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