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Where’s your cell phone: downstairs

Your hair: long, wavey, black, messy

Your mother: great cook

Your father: the wise

Favorite Food: Chinese hmm..

Dream last night: mm.. about sneakers, eeh.. not clear enough haha..

Favorite drink: water, coffee, fruit juice

What room are you: study room

Hobby: reading, drawing, photograpy, blogging

Fear: cockroach D:

Where were you last night: in bed, duh xD

Something that you aren’t: genius

Muffins: chocolate with choco chips ♥

Wish list item: iPod touch, color jeans, high skin sneakers

Where did you grow up: Indonesia, Jakarta

What are you wearing: short pants and t-shirt

Your pets: Beef, a pitbull

Friends: not bad, I have friends here and there

Something you’re not wearing: high heels

Favorite store: book store, stationary, and gadget

Favorite color: black, white, maroon and gold

Last time you laughed: 2 hours ago, I laugh my dog

Your best friend: Intan, Jovines, sweet friends :)

Place you go to over and over: school D:

Person who emails you regularly: a friend abroad

Favorite place to eat: home