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The printing Tee website! Threadless! I just made an account there, trying to get more serious and fun at the same time in my designs.

Bakka Lovesick  - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This one I made it into a Tee, Bakka Lovesick. Please do vote for it if you have an account there! :) More designs will be added! Vote, loves! (:

Life Update! My school, Pelita 2 is going to held a Cup, a sport competition for a full week starting on this Saturday. Many students from other schools going to come and play on the competition. Pelita 2 also make a new futsal field, so now.. we have 2 for basket ball, and 1 for futsal. Maann, I can’t wait for it, I’m going to take photos and upload it after the Cup closing, which is, next couple of week! I hope it’ll goes well.

New art!

Skull! Skull! Skull! Reference from a biology book I found hahha! Tee? Yes, just wait ;D