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Boys and girls, what’s up?
I’m in 3 days of holiday right now, trying to now waste my holiday….. hah!
I got pretty hard month, dance practice 4 times a week, up to 3 hours, my body aching everywhere lol.
Anywaaayy.. new shots!
Well, they kinda old but, fresh drawings on bottom.
Found a kitty in my garden last…month? I guess..
^_^; hahaha.. so cute right?
And here’s the sketches, fresh from the oven class.
“Ten out of Thirteen”

Okay, okay, it’s Super Junior, sorry for making them look so bad >_>
I use pen on random paper, and put them together on Photoshop.
Yea.. I draw most of them during lectures, so sshhh!! xD
I wonder.. does someone know about an American old band called Faktion?
I’m looking for their Debut album 2006.
If you have any info, let me know 😉
Hope you guys have a good week!