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Back with painting, this time we’re assigned to do four texture painting, and I did mine all based on food.. if you can guess them all that’ll be a relief since I tried my best on this one haha -__-;

Nothing much going on lately, school has been normal with normal amount assignment, I know all due dates will be piled up real soon since we only have 3 more weeks for this semester, can’t wait for the break. I’ve been doing all nighters these past days, had only 5 hours of sleep this 2 day, I decided to skip extra life drawings and just go home to do assignment, and had an English test to today! Ugh, I hope I’m not doing that bad on it..

Well, next painting assignment would be so fun, it’s probably the one that I’ve been waiting for, it’s master copy. I’m planning to do mine based on my favourite anime of all time, Tekkon Kinkreet, or somewhere along that, movies or shorts by the same artist probably, shrug.

Well, short post guys, til the next one. Yawn..