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Back! with no finish art but with more WIP. I’m sketching Miyavi with his doll. It’s my first time drawing with grids. I think it’s helping a lot, and also annoying, cause you have to erase it in some part of area blah, I hate erasing things.
More new arts. Drawing things you see, during class! Joking. Just for fun and practice, I draw everything I can see, one paper a day :) practice practice!
Rambling from me now.
Have you ever felt a deep deep deep regret in your life? You feel like you want to turn back in time and redo all the things you did before? If you said or think, life goes on, keep moving forward blahblah, maybe you haven’t feel it. Cause that’s what happend to me.
Last Friday, a dancer named Di Moon Zhang (Google it, or YouTube it please) came to Indonesia to make a workshop. I was suppose to attend it, but I had school at Friday, so I though I’ll come on the Saturday. FFFFFFF I already had permission until.. THE DAY HAS COME!! And guess what! It was on 1st May, which is Int. Labour Day, and people here have demonstration on the street, full of people. My mom suddenly says noooooaskjfhsi;dfuhsf!!!! I understand that she worried about this and that. BUT BUT BUT, it’s like there’s no 2nd change on this one *cries*.
I missed it. I ask my friends that THE FREAGIN ROAD WAS EMPTY AS USUALL, no demonstration. GOOSSSHHH……………………………………………………………………….
Yes, I still regret it until this second. I’m not being exaggerating this, but hey! If you missed your idol’s performance or something, and… ARGH! I should have run away or something.. -.-;;
So, question, have you ever regret something that it feels so damn bad??