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How long has it been? A week? A couple week? Months? I can’t even say that I’m too busy with life to update my blog since I am not that busy.. well, work and game are things I do most of the time in this summer. I completely lose motivation to draw my own stuff since I’m drawing all 6-8 hours at work so, there you go, I have my excuse, haha. Lately though, my interest in photography has been rocketing (again), for you who read my blog or know me in real life probably know that I always have interest in photography, I even thought of going to school for it, I don’t know what made me going to Animation instead of it, not that I regret or all. This past month I’d usually go to Kijiji or Craiglist to look for gigs job for weddings or so, and probably gonna do collaboration/photoshoot with other people…strangers soon, let’s see.

So, working in Toronto for me is a bless for sure, I always love it there, food, people, graffiti, sky scrapper buildings, etc; so I thought why don’t I just hunt photos here? At the end, I did, I’ve been bringing my camera all over everywhere with me lately. Here are some of the snaps I took.

A wall from an abandoned building, I also have an obsession of abandoned places and buildings lately, this talented photographer made me so.. you’ll see on the mention list down below.


And this one I took it from a car, me, my brother and our friend were driving through farms to find spot to hunt but suddenly the rain pours reaaallly hard, total fail.

Okay, here are some young talented inspiring photographers I stumbled recently.


Brendon Burtonan 18 years old photographer from Myrtle, Oregon. He’s a student majoring in Journalism and Photography at the moment. He did a 365 project (a picture a day for a year) that started on October 2011 and he just finished it on this April. Most of his pieces are fine art photography and conceptual portraiture.

After a while enjoying his works on his Tumblr, it leads to one of his fellow photographer that I instantly love. And it him that I mentioned that makes me obsessed about abandoned places and buildings.


Kyle Thompson, a 1992 born photographer from Chicago, without formal education of photography at all, his works are astounding. His pieces are mostly bizarre and surreal portraits in an abandoned places/buildings (yes!). As what I know, he now is on his trip travelling around US by his car and taking pictures for his project making a conceptual photo road trip book, for anyone who’s interested on checking his trip, you guys should follow him on Tumblr! Here are some of his pieces!


And for the last one is, Dylan McArthur, a 1993 born photographer, currently taking photography in Ryerson in Toronto. I don’t have a lot to say about him but just seeing his candid street photos, it’ll speak more and better than I could say, enjoy.


A couple more weeks for me to prepare to move out, Oakville, here I come! So excited about it!