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Boys and girls! Yep, another trip around Java Island. This time to a place called Baturraden, it’s situated in Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia.

So yea, I went there with family and another family and my dad’s friends.. for three days, we stayed in a Villa there. It was nice, you know, I’m going to leave soon..and we spent quality time..dominos..drinks..trips..blah! Okay, here are some photos I took.



[fgallery id=2 w=450 h=385 t=0 title=”Batur Raden Trip”]

We filled our days with going out to the mounts, tracking and stuff. And we play dominos, angry bird and drinks at the night, lol. Weird?

Kay, just a quick update. Catch you guys later!

And oh, I’m trying to fix things up here in my blog as you can see, there’s maybe a couple of glitch here and there for a moment of time T_T