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Back again with digital portrait! This is my first digital portrait since 2010 I believe, crazy, haven’t been practicing a lot since then. I stopped doing portraits from photos cause from what I heard it’s not good for practicing skills and all, so I tried to draw more from life. But I realize doing portrait doesn’t mean I can’t change anything in it and learn something from it, so now I’m gonna be back drawing them and practicing my painting style and colors. I have my favourite digital painter, Benjamin Zhang Bin, Google him if you don’t know, I adore how he plays with his coloring, so brave, vibrant and strong. I’m still figuring out how he does that. Need practice!

Here’s what I did yesterday, found the photo from Tumblr. I’m planning to make it as a series of, TUMBLR BABES, basically people that I found attractive on Tumblr, it’s gonna be A LOT hahha.. well, one down! Here you go!


Photoshop Cs6


Playing with color is fun, painting is fun, sooo soooooo much fun, I’m totally gonna do this more and more! ;v;

So, tomorrow is my birthday, me and friends gonna go downtown, skating, and have dinner.. turning 21, but I’m sure people here still ask me for ID every single time I buy alcohol or something.. sigh, so irritating. I should grow beard and stache.. -.-

So far the break’s fun, I spent my days working on commission aside from work, where I also draw.. I ruined my sleep pattern too, I barely able to sleep before 4am, and this morning I slept at 6am.. it is so frustrating and annoying, I don’t know how to flip it cause I tried! I think I’ll figure it out later before school starts.. I’m thinking this has something to do with school and doing all nighters a lot back then.

I hope you guys enjoy your break as much as I do!