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So… I’m not forgetting that I have a blog, or a site…. not at all..

Lots of stuff happened, and you know.

It’s the fourth week of third year now. I KNOW. SENIOR YEAR. First day of school, 5 people asked what year I was in and they were all gasping knowing I’m in third year. I don’t know why they did, though I did the same back then, I think.. But yeah, third year is when we got the chance to make a film as a group. I decided that I’m gonna be in 3D group, so, haven’t been drawing as much as before. To be honest school doesn’t feel as excited as before, not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just, it’s my fourth year here in total being in college, so yeah. I thought I wouldn’t have this feeling before, I was wrong. Hopefully as this group project going on it’s getting better..hope..fully..

Aside from that, I did a caricature for a company, Quest Trade during the summer, here are some of the people I drew.


Doing caricature is always really fun. Hopefully I get more chances to do it in the future.

Til, the next post!