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No I’m not hibernating or something. Just take a very long rest (not drawing! omg) and finished my mid term exam. Now I’m posting to pay back. I feel a little bit guilty taking break from blogging and drawing.  So for today, it’ll be all sketch post, here we go!

Hell Bunny, pen sketch.

Wandering Girl

Guess what, ugly face ): I wasn’t sure to upload this one, but I have the photoshop skilllzzzz, yes, to put the 😀 label, you got to have the skill. Mmfff~

Pen sketch, reference is used.

As for today’s climax (haha) John Lennon! I saw Google change it’s logo, it mention about John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday. So, yea, I did this quick portrait of him.

Pencil on paper, edited on Photoshop, time used: 1 hour, 30 min.

Enough. Now, I’m doing this some kind of project, about life drawing, draw everything around you. On a HUGE paper (Photoshop paper), here’s a little sneak peak for you guys~

Click click for the bigger view!

Oh, a little life update. I took a placement test for IELST preparation class today, the class is held e v e r y d a y : 50 hours total, in 5 weeks. It’ll held from Monday to Friday at 19.00-21.00 …. yes I’m going to attend it for this whole 5 weeks. Packed weeks ahead! Woohooo..! -.-;