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Opening a blog post with some nudes, yep. Cause today’s a holiday! I slept so much from last night, it was probably the first time I slept at 9pm for the first time in a while..

Anyway, school was super busy last week, other than my elective’s presentation and final exam, I have nothing to worry about for the following 3 weeks, YES, it’s 3 weeks away from summer break! I really can’t wait! Back to work and game, and have my own time to practice animating, drawing n general, catch up with 259874375 movies I have in my hard drive lol, working out and hang out with friends and siblings, woot! Who couldn’t wait for that! And I can’t believe myself for being tired of school already, especially this last months of 2nd term, it’s just drain too much energy I can’t help it to feel sick lol.

Here’s my latest animation assignment, animal walk cycle, and I picked hyena of course..

Hopefully gonna update some more this weekend.

And I’m gonna put up friends and other artists links on the side soon! 😀