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So, yesterday was a national holiday here. Me and family wanted to watch Transformer 2, we went to Puri Mall together at 2PM. I queue for the tickets, BUT we were run of tickets D: so I bought Ice Age 3 for 6.30PM!!!! That mean, we had to spent our time at mall for 4 hours. Okay, maybe it’s usual for you guys, but we never doing nothing at the mall for 4 hours. Alright.. so we try to keep our selves busy at that time. My mom and sis went to shops, I with my bro and dad went to book store *GEEK 8DDD* haha.
My dad spent about $50 for books xD It’s a LOT of money here, half of milions lol-I’m serious.
So, these are the books I’ve got.

(from the top, left to right)

– 100 Wars That Shaped World History
– 100 Explorers Who Shaped World History
– World History
– 100 Most Infamous Criminals
– 100 Military Leaders Who Shaped World History

As you can see, I almost love all kind of books, and I read a lot too. I can read from Newspaper, comics, novels, autobiographies, magazine. Though, I’m not really digging into celebrity’s fuck gossip or whatever is that. Only a few profiles that I like, like Johnny Depp lol.

I’m currently reading the ‘100 Most Infamous Criminals’ and it took my heart <3 I can’t stop reading that book. So much interesting profiles and sadist crimes x__x full of love.

So, now.. I’m interested. Do you love reading? If yea, what kind of books you ussualy read? If no, why?? :)