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Say whaaatt?

This is all about the photo-session I told you on my previous post. Yes, I got the time to do it finally, I asked a couple of my friends who like to take pictures..and a couple of friends that have good looks to be our models.. and there are 12 of us, five models. Pfft! This is like the most crowded photo shoot I’ve ever done! But, like they said, the more the merrier!

It was right though, we had so much fun. We went to this place called Junkyard Simatupang, as the name of the place said, it is a junkyard, full of wrecked cars, trucks and machines. It was a really really cool place, it was love at the first sight lol. The thing is, we had to pay to take pictures there. Well, Jakarta, nothing is free; we paid $30 at the end of the day, and they border the territory for us to take pictures! It’s still irritates me how they do that!

Anyways! Here are the shot that I took.








Not many people here know how is Junkyard Simatupang looks like.




You can see the rest of the photos on my facebook albums if you like. And also there’s the monochrome version here.



These are some friends who also took pictures, I didn’t get all of their photos though..





Just for fun! :’)


I hope there’s a chance to work with these guys again, cheers!