Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in art, Life |

Yep, four more weeks to go before winter break, can’t wait for break! School has been pretty intense lately at some point, I now have 5-6 projects due and piling up, not fun, not fun at all. I just wish we have more assignments on animations itself not the other subjects, sigh. But being busy doesn’t mean I don’t have spare time to draw personal stuff, here’s a sketch of one of my friend, I did this one at the end of life drawing session since I got really bored of longer poses I decided to draw my friend instead.

Done with pencil, white pencil and marker; and I’ve been doing my doodle style lately, thinking of making one of them into a sticker, let’s see if the time let me haha.. but having time for personal stuff and doodles like this is really refreshing, makes you happy not having the thought of projects for a while.

Have a good weekend everyone! I gotta paint tomorrow —