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Whee! First post after summer, since the school starts, on week four… sigghh.. Since I moved out to this place nearby school I don’t stay home as much at all, only for sleep, eat, and shower basically, and I don’t really bring my laptop to school nor they have internet connection in our building..that’s why. Yep, that’s my excuse. Second year has been treating me nicely so far, haven’t done all nighters at all up til now, maybe soon. I grow my interest on cg stuff more, since we’re learning Maya this year I’ll try my best to get the hang of it since right now I’m planning to get into features or games or 3D films.. well, that’s the plan right now.

Anyway, other than school I don’t really have anything to talk about, cause school is pretty much life now.

Here’s a doodle I made during my slack time.. I’ll be uploading my life drawings on the next post. I haven’t been to a lot of extra life drawing classes, I stayed at studio most of the time doing assignments these days. Cheers.