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Ten? Remember Zero my previous character? Well Ten is my latest one, and since I’m suck at making up legit stories I still can’t think of anything for their background stories or what so ever. At least I have the design, that’s only what I can do, sigh. So yea, made her for character design class, we had to do 8 poses of a character, I was gonna make her rotation, but kinda forgot and now I have so many assignments due, so maybe next time. The poses are kinda show her rotation though…. ok here is it..

And remember one of my talented friend Roosh that drew my character?  Guess what? I managed to get him to draw Ten, not on paper, not with pencil, but digitally, with mouse, in 20 minutes. Yep.

by Roosh

Thank you, again.

I just finished my painting assignment today and gonna upload it this weekend, with another feature, I’m still thinking who am I gonna feature since I have a bunch in mind. You’ll see.

Other than that, the storm today’s pretty crazy, I know it might be nothing compare to those who got the first impact but as long as I remember this is my first storm here. I like storms back home, great never ending rain and thunders, but never like this…. until 4C. I hope tomorrow the school got cancelled due the stormcoughcoughcough.

Be safe, til the next post!


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