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Yup, yup, the last WIPs (Work In Progress) are finish.
Ruki and the shoe paint.
Ruki – from Gazette

Octo shoe paint! Yay!
Please click for the large size.
I’ll be adding this one to my shop πŸ˜‰
I haven’t finish the digital paint, G-Dragon yet, I’ve lost interest to finish it now.. though I know it’s sooooo close from the finish line, about 8% more >_> damn.
Well, anyway, as you can see, I change my blog totally.
I was having this thought for a moment, ‘Hey, why don’t I make a website?’
Ya, I made a freaking-10-pages-pencil-draft in 2 nights. I watch loads of YouTubes about DreamWeaver and stuffs *shrug* FAIL. Lol.
Then I remember, blogger now have PAGES omg -.-
So yeah, I’m trying to clean my mess blog up, and I hope I can buy a domain for the future.

An interesting thing comes up today.

As you know (maybe you don’t), I have a quite unique name, Zadia. I used to search Google, trying to find people that have similar name as mine, I found some, not so much.

But I have a girl here in my friend list on FaceBook that has similar name. I find out that she connect her FaceBook page with her mom, and I was like WTF!! We got the sameΒ  mother’s name!! XD That was hillarious, she wall me and asked me if it’s for real, yeah, it is real, lol. What a coincidence. Small world? *shrug* πŸ˜‰



Bokeh! Bokeh! Bokeh!
Yeaaaah.. Everybody love Bokeh β™₯
This is a Bokeh collage, 18-in-1.
I took them from car window ;D


By the way, yesterday was my 2nd DeviantArt anniversary <3