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“G-Dragon – It’s Me!!”

First digital painting on 2010? Let me think… umm.. not really,
I strated this one on 2009, I was eager drawing this until…. yeaaa you know what next. Art. Block.
After that, I lose interest to continue it, but it was like 90% finish xD
Awh.. okay, anyway, I did finish it, this night hahaha..
A friend of mine ask me, “Are you tracing?”
Awh! Come on!
See the original one for your self, there are soooo… many difference,
also, I didn’t put to much effort in this, cause of the art block I said earlier :(
There’s something crossed my mind.
I’m watching Korean dramas, and listening to Korean songs lately. And I wonder how could Korean actor/actresses have such perfect face and body. So yea, I did a research lol.
I read many articles about plastic surgery in Korea is really common, especially in teenagers. Well, I’m not saying all Korean have plastic surgery, don’t get me wrong.
So, just put of curiosity, I asked my friends, would she/he get one? A plastic surgery?
How about for free? Many of them has no problem with that. Haha..
For me personally? I’m nothing against it actually..
I don’t see any problem with people trying to be prettier, if they have the money, why not? Right?
Well, only personal thought :)

How about you?
Will you do it?
Will you do it if someone pay it for you? ;D
*Guy’s I’m lack of idea for writing titles for my each post  xD